Our Professionals


Candidates are selected from our own secure database of several thousand professional individuals. They include such professionals as part- and qualified chartered accountants, attorneys, advocates, Chartered Financial Analysts (“CFA®”), medical doctors, stockbrokers, treasury specialists, actuarial analysts, corporate financiers, project financiers, management consultants, senior financial managers and numerous others.

Individuals who approach UAP are asked to submit a detailed CV and letter of motivation. After meeting with and interviewing an individual candidate we prepare a detailed CV, highlighting career experience and performance history.

A consultant then adds his insight into the candidate’s unique capability to become a valued asset to the employer. Information is presented to the employer with a synopsis of the consultant’s impressions of the candidate.


We offer individuals the option of retaining UAP as their Agent to represent, advise, counsel and assist them in relation to securing fulltime employment, negotiating the employment contract and in the preparation of a comprehensive package of documents including CV update, Letter of Introduction, Condensed Individual Profile and LinkedIn™ profile.

The Branding & Marketing Agreement is prepared and signed both by the individual and by UAP. Our consultant will discuss target employer segments and specific target employers with the candidate to determine precisely to which employer(s) we may forward his / her CV and supporting documentation. At this stage the candidate confirms his / her consent in writing to this Schedule of Marketing Targets which is appended to the Branding & Marketing Agreement. Thereafter, candidate applications are managed in confidence and with the utmost discretion.

Candidates will be informed timeously and in writing of developments throughout the Branding & Marketing process.