At Ubuntu Associates – Professional (“UAP”)” we are committed to rendering a bespoke service of the highest standard, tailored to the unique needs and requirements particular to each assignment, pointedly meeting the highest standards of service demanded of us by both our candidates and employers.

We exploit our wealth of prior experience within the financial services industry and our well-established sourcing network of highly placed, senior individuals that operates in accordance with a code of integrity, discretion and strict confidentiality.
Our commitment to identifying the optimum candidate for any assignment has led to the compilation of our comprehensive and secure FileFinder® hosted library of some 65,000 individuals: part-qualified, newly-qualified, and well established professionals, fellows, charter holders, doctors, MBAs and many others.

To ensure that the rights of both employers and candidates are protected, we operate strictly within the framework of South African Labour Law legislation, keeping ourselves up to date with any developments.

We approach each assignment with discretion and sensitivity, strictly in accordance with the provisions of the POPI Act, thus ensuring the level of privacy expected of us by employers and by our candidates.

We augment the personal attention, commitment, and discretion of an international search firm with hands-on local industry experience, thus enabling us to provide a superior service at realistic local market-related rates.

Executive Search Process

A UAP partner will personally attend to employers who approach UAP and thereafter will function as your Account Manager. This Account Manager will personally oversee the assignment and ensure its steady progress from briefing to completion.
Following the assignment briefing, our research efforts will centre on identifying sources and individuals of interest. This phase involves intensive desk research and may last upwards of three weeks.

As the research phase approaches completion, prospective candidates are discreetly approached and pre-selected following a meticulous personal interview and evaluation process, structured around the essential criteria specific to each unique assignment. Pre-selection ensures that only the most suitable candidates are introduced to the employer.

A detailed curriculum vitæ (“CV”) is prepared for each candidate and forwarded to the employer. Candidates’ detailed working histories are openly presented together with our candid comments and impressions.
Thereafter, the employer’s interviewing process can begin.

UAP will act as facilitator and advisor, helping both parties to arrive at a suitable agreement, and where necessary, offering suggestions for remuneration packages. Should an employer decide not to progress with a proposed candidate, other suitable candidates will be made available. Should a candidate decide not to accept a written offer from an employer, one additional candidate will be presented.